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Carved PVC Signs come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

       Vital SIGNS can create a carved sign from 1" thick PVC that comes with a Lifetime Warranty. This sign can be carved and custom painted on one or both sides. The posts are also made of pvc to prevent any chance of chipping, cracking or peeling.

      These signs are available in both Colonial and Victorian styles. They are also available in Custom Cut shapes that best fit your business. Standard sizes are from 1' x 3' to 4' x 8'. There are also available hanging signs and rider signs for below the larger sign.

      We also offer smaller Victorian, Colonial or Custom Shaped signs that can be installed on walls. Smaller signs can also be hung from scrolled brackets that can be mounted to pvc posts or a wall.

       We also offer a PVC sign kit for small strip malls with space for 7 business names on each side. The plaques can be carved or have vinyl graphics applied to them with each businesses name & logo.