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Metal & Plastic Dimensional Lettering - Premium Vinyl Lettering

Metal or Plastic recreations of your logo in many metal finishes and colors of Plastic & Acrylic

Sign, Logo Designs in Oconto, WI

Sign, Custom Graphics in Oconto, WI
Premium cut Vinyl Letters for Trailers, Trucks, Signs, Boats & more! 

Have your logo designs and lettering created by the best when you contact Vital Signs & Custom Graphics of Oconto, Wisconsin.

We install Gemini Letters & Logos for a Top Quality Professional Look with a Lifetime Warranty

     We proudly install Gemini Letters, Logos and Plaques. Gemini cast metal letters come in 12 different finishes such as polished, anodized, or oxidized. Not only are these letters and logos of the highest quality, they are guaranteed for life!

    For a metal look at a more economical price, try Laminate Letters & Logos. These letters give you the look of metal letters but are lighter and less expensive. Gemini uses .030 solid metal sheets of aluminum that have been treated to provide your desired finish. These sheets are then laminated onto either one of 25 acrylic colors or high density foam and cut to your specifications.  

     We also offer Gemini Plaques. These come in Aluminum, Brass, Bronze and even Stainless Steel. Plaques come in many finishes and  can even have pictures etched onto them!

Dimensional Logo fabrication